Singapore, 1 June 2017 – We are excited to announce that COOLASIA brand is undergoing a significant transformation. We are changing our business name from “COOLASIA Technology” to “LOGISFLEET” with effect from 1st June 2017. 

The new company name “LOGISFLEET” is synonymous to what we have been doing; Building scalable and flexible logistic software that could help businesses optimize their fleet operations.

It is more than just a name change. It signals our desire to embark on an extended journey beyond just GPS Fleet Management Systems. The belief that we can do more dated back 7 years ago when we started developing our own in-house logistics and supply-chain software. Today our home-grown logistics software is used by organizations globally. 


Rebrand signifies LogisFleet’s focus and ambition

Since COOLASIA was founded in 2005, it has evolved into one of the largest Fleet Management Company in Singapore. Year on year, we experience consistently positive growth in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia markets.  

“The new branding is crucial to our next stage of growth. Beyond Fleet Management, we have expanded our solutions to include Turn-key Projects and Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) offerings in the domains of Urban Logistics. With the SAAS model made available since 2016, our user base extends to organizations in Europe and Americas. Increasingly, fleet organizations are looking for providers like us who can provide them a suite of logistics solutions Under-One-Roof ” said Dennis Lee, CEO and Founder, LogisFleet.     


New visual identity

The new name LOGISFLEET is inspired by our vision “Logistics for Fleet”, the green arrow from the letter G symbolizes upward growth for the company, its employees, client and society at large. The tagline is exactly what we endeavour to provide for our clients: Scalable and flexible logistics platform.