Smarter Fleet. Better Control.

Fleet Manager™ is a web-based SAAS (Software-as-a-Service)  that is both user-friendly and powerful. It is designed to help businesses like yours to optimise their operations and manage their workforce effectively. Our location-aware technology such as GPS, WIFI and CELL location data make this possible. There are a multitude of benefits for business users who use Fleet Manager, including the ability to streamline fleet operations, maximise drivers’ productivity, minimise fuel cost, improve coordination and more.

Our Software Solutions

Fleet Manager – One software for all your fleet tracking

Our Fleet Manager software helps organisations like yours to monitor their vehicle fleets. Access real-time locations, manage fleet running costs and measure fleet productivity with reports and analytics all from the comfort of your office or on the go with our mobile app!

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FleetOnCloud – Cloud-based Workforce Management

With FleetOnCloud, businesses can now; plan, schedule, auto-assign and dispatch jobs to their field workers' smartphones and tablets. The software enables admin staff to be updated about workers' task completion in real-time. Which streamlines the admin process and improves business output.

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Apps Courier – Real-time Courier Tracking Apps

AppsCourier streamlines the delivery process and gives customers peace of mind. With this app, your couriers can; update assignments with real-time delivery status, scan the parcels' QR Codes and capture electronic signatures for customers’ delivery status and proof-of-delivery requirements at the touch of a button.

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Apps Bus – School Bus Attendance Software

This software is designed to improve security on buses used by school children. Features include; route planning, child attendance, fee management and real-time notifications for guardians, via a web and mobile app.

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Cloud Video Streaming

Software that provides live video feed capability for vehicle GPS surveillance. Suitable for those in the transport or security industry. The multiple viewing feature is available on both web and mobile apps.

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