Are you a SME?

If you are, COOLASIA has some good news for you!

Our Fleet Manager software is one of the best GPS software Singapore has. Designed to help businesses manage their ever-increasing costs of maintaining a fleet a vehicles, COOLASIA’s Fleet Manager is a GPS tracking device that makes car and vehicle tracking as easy as pie.

What’s more, it is also part of the iSPRINT grant launched by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA). Designed to ease and simplify the application process for grants if you’re a Small or Medium Enterprise (SME), the iSPRINT Packaged Solution allows you to start using IT in your business as quickly and with as little fuss as possible.

As a SME utilising our Fleet Manager software under iSPRINT’s intermediate Packaged Solutions, you are eligible for a grant consisting of 70% of your qualifying costs, or SGD $20,000. The grant is limited to the purchase of the first listed Packaged Solution for each category (COOLASIA’s Fleet Manager software falls under the Fleet Management category).

The iSPRINT grant is also subject to the eligibility criteria of being a SME, which must be fulfilled as well as the amount of funds available.

ISPRINT_GRANTS_BY_iDA-Singapore_ICT-Package-Solution-For-Fleet- Management-System_Offered-by-Coolasia-Technology




Top GPS Features

Simple & Easy to Use

COOLASIA’s Fleet Manager’s is designed to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. Featuring an easy to use drag-and-drop user interface, our software makes it simple for you to start your car tracking. Requiring only a smart phone or a computer, as well as your user-name and password, you can now track your fleet anywhere, anytime even when on the go.

6-months Records

To make it easy for you to keep track of your fleet history, COOLASIA’s system comprehensively stores all your records for a duration of 6 months at a time. Gain access to your entire fleet’s mileage history and other statistics at the click of a button or the finger on a touch screen!

More Maps, More Choice

Each system of maps offers something different. Like the reliability of Onemap, or the customisable ability of G map and the scalability of O map. At COOLASIA, we don’t see why their virtues have to be exclusive. With our Fleet Manager, we have combined the wonderful features of all three virtual maps into a single system. What’s better is that this feature is free! We provide this feature to you at no extra costs and hidden charges.

Premium Address

COOLASIA’s Fleet Manager’s database allows you to store and bring up addresses, block numbers, building names and various postal codes. Finding routes to your destination has never been easier or quicker! Our system also gives you timely and accurate reports as well as a tracing function for vehicle routes. This allows you to keep up to date with tracking each and every individual vehicle in your fleet as well as ensuring that all of them are accounted for.

Create POI

For ultimate customisability, our system allows you to add and bring up your own personal Points-of-Interest (POIs) on our virtual topographies. These could be anything from job sites, addresses of suppliers or customers and more! Our easy to use interface also makes it effortless when you wish to create individual or multiple events, notifications or alerts for both yourself and your recipients.

Faster Reporting

Not only do we provide a reporting service, we also ensure that it is quick to generate. Report generation can be done as expediently as possible, taking literal seconds to complete even with large fleets of vehicles. You can also schedule periodic email reports that will be sent to the address of your choice, whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly. Our automatic services mean that you can spend your time and energy on more important things like the actual running of your business, wihout any unnecessary stress or distractions.

Track on the Go

Supporting an exhaustive range of mobile OSes, you can now maintain complete control over your fleet of vehicles even when you’re on the go. Log in and keep track of all your vehicular resources with your mobile web browser on your smart phone or tablet PC, whenever you want, wherever you are in the world.

Vehicle Maintenance

Using our Fleet Manager, you can utilise our database to keep track of all your vehicles’ maintenance, vehicle insurance, tax renewal deadlines or appointments. You can also elect to send the information you require to an e-mail address of your choosing, and schedule reminders to yourself for the ultimate peace of mind!

Job Dispatch

By connecting your team in the field through their phones, you can receive real-time updates as well as pending statuses and jobs for all of them. You will also be able to assign them tasks without any convoluted navigation through complicated IT systems. Simply click and go.

Keep Your Fleet in Check with Our GPS System

Using COOLASIA’s Fleet Manager, you are able to track all your individual vehicles in your fleet via our cutting-edge Fleet Management and Asset Tracking Software System.

Utilising the power of the Global Positioning System (GPS), we are able to keep you up to date on your entire fleet of buses, cars, taxis, or whichever vehicle you maintain in your fleet at the click of a button.

You can even access the data and records you require which are stored on our system wherever and whenever you want to, using only your mobile web browser on your smart phone, tablet PC or any other device with GPS Tracking function.

Our GPS System has a large coverage all over the island of Singapore, giving you peace of mind and being able to not only individually track and locate, but also account for every vehicle in your fleet all day, every day.