What does COOLASIA stand for?

April was a special month for COOLASIA’s team. We launched a brand new logo that reflects our unique vision and values.


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Our new logo design uses modern font type with 2 people holding hands whom symbolize a win-win business relationship. The new tagline “Connect. Optimize. Analyze. Innovate” identifies the ambition of our business and highlights our focus on service excellence.

Curious what does the new slogan “Connect. Optimize. Analyze. Innovate” mean? I will briefly present the meaning of these four words below.



Our cloud solutions can help your company to unite its different departments and people anytime and anywhere. We use the latest GPS technologies coupled with mobile technology to provide one single system that connects various departments and employees. We improve the communication between top management, division managers as well as drivers or dispatch personnel. COOLASIA specializes in Fleet Management and customized software solutions for Supply Chain industry. Allowing our clients to stay connected anytime, anywhere with your team members!



Efficiency is critically important in any organization. Our solutions are designed to save valuable “Time and Money” for our clients.  Saving travel time will result in an increase in productivity while fuel savings will maximize utilization of assets and resources. Your company can move all operations and administrative tasks to one single system where data from different departments of your company will be shared and stored. Moreover, with our FleetManager solution you can assign jobs more easily and monitor the progress of different employees. Don’t hesitate and optimize your time and efficiency!



Our solutions provide excellent analytical tools and real-time reports to allow our clients to make important business and operations decisions. Keeping the records of tasks, logs, work performance is essential for understanding different behaviour patterns of your client or employees. With our FleetManager solution you can track the records of different drivers KPIs, their daily routes and other essential information that will be a key data in making important future decisions. Moreover, our customized solutions can be adjusted to your companies different needs and various reports can be generated that will show the productivity of distinct departments in the company.


bright-light-bulbINNOVATE TECHNOLOGY.

Innovation drives increased productivity and efficiency, thus it’s important to stay ahead of your competitors and adopt new methods that will lead to positive changes. With COOLASIA innovate your technologies while using cost saving methods of managing your business and fleet operations. Moreover, while using our customized solutions experience a completely different level of efficiency and communication across different departments in the company. Every step made towards improving your business and fleet operations technologies leads you to the increased efficiency and reduced costs.


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