Customer Challenge

Our customer, one of the leading Construction Companies in Singapore was facing some challenges typical for the construction industry. First of all, in the industry like construction it is important to ensure the safety and maintenance of expensive equipment like heavy machines, vehicles, trucks, hydraulics and engineering equipment. Also it is critical to make sure that the equipment and construction materials mentioned above reached the construction site on time.

Site safety is a “no excuse” mistake that can cause human life loss and damages to the project under construction. Thus, site safety officers and supervisors must ensure the proper planning, safety measures and efficiency of workers while assigning different tasks and monitoring the progress of jobs taking place on the site.

In conclusion, any malfunction of equipment, delay of materials, site accidents can result in millions of dollar losses. It further leads to project suspensions, higher labor cost, equipment malfunction that cause serious project disruptions and failures.

COOLASIA solution

To solve the challenges faced by the construction company COOLASIA offered its unique web and mobile Fleet Management system called FleetManager. While using our web system and mobile app the company was able to solve its issues as given below.

  1. With the FleetManager mobile feature “Live” GPS Vehicle Monitoring and Alerts Construction Company was able to track their expensive heavy machines, vehicles and other engineering equipment. This means that the operator responsible for monitoring equipment location was able to see the location of it in live stream. This prevents from equipment being misplaced, lost or misused.
  2. To make sure that equipment would be delivered to the construction site on time while using our FleetManager mobile app drivers can receive real-time notifications. They alert drivers about the time they are supposed to reach the construction site. In this way, the company avoids incurring extra costs as the processes in the site take place as scheduled.
  3. Also, to ensure that materials used on site are replenished periodically company can use FleetManager’s feature called Maintenance. Using the feature they can set up periods of time after which different materials should be refilled or replaced. Consequently, the processes in the building site are not being disrupted.
  4. In addition, FleetManager offers high definition cameras that can be installed in a vehicle, crane, heavy machinery that allows supervisor to view and monitor dangerous tasks to avoid accidents.
  5. Finally, with our FleetManager the site manager can easily schedule different jobs to different workers and monitor the progress of the tasks. This method saves time as the site manager doesn’t have to appoint all task personally to different workers. Also, it keeps the record of the tasks for the employee so he can easily check his upcoming projects.

Customer Benefits

While using COOLASIA’s Fleet Management system FleetManager the construction company was able to increase its control and efficiency to 80%.

FleetManager system provides real-time information, scheduling and tracking of vehicles, heavy machinery and crane movement. The jobs of the workers were coordinated more efficiently as well as materials needed for the construction site were delivered on time without disrupting other processes. With COOLASIA, our customer has found a partner who understands its business requirements.

FleetManager provides a valuable “Just In Time” project management and supervision tool for planning, scheduling and monitoring of construction projects that cannot be missed.