Case Study: Improving Service Level of Tourism Company

Customer Challenge

Our customer, one of the leading players in tourism market in Singapore specializing in Inbound Tours and Local Attraction Packages, was facing some challenges. As a service company, their business success is highly dependent on their services quality such as: On-time, On-Schedule, Safety and Customers’ Satisfaction.

The company owns a fleet of 33 in-house coaches catering its service to their customers, travel agencies. Coaches are being used to either to pick up a group of passengers from the airport, to bring them to several attractions around the city or to transfer the passengers to the airport.

The challenges that were faced by our customer can be given as follows:

  1. First of all, as they were assigning the jobs to the buses manually it was difficult to track the record of which buses are available to jobs.
  2. Secondly, drivers were not always punctual to either pick up or transfer passengers to the airport. As our customer didn’t have the system to control drivers’ behavior the lateness of the driver was unrecorded and the penalties could not be imposed.
  3. Thirdly, sometimes buses were involved in traffic accidents or violations like speeding were committed by drivers.
  4. Finally, if there were some changes in the schedules or locations of the passengers and drivers could not be informed quickly as there was no system where operator could communicate efficiently with a driver. Consequently, drivers were wasting some of their time while waiting for late passengers or going to the locations that have been changed without notice.


With our FleetManager Web and Mobile solution tourism company could solve its transportation issues as follows:

  1. Vehicle Map Overview and Real Time Vehicles list – In the FleetManager Web and Mobile the operator of the tourism company can view the entire fleet’s location in one single map. Also the Real Time Vehicle List allows the operator to see vehicles’ location, engine status and speed details. This means that if the tourism company wants to check the availability of their coaches they can access the map either on Web desktop or Mobile app and see which vehicles are assigned jobs and which vehicles are free.
  2. Event Rules – with this feature the operator of the tourism company can set particular time for the driver when he should reach specific location to pick up the passengers or bring them back to the hotel or airport. If the driver doesn’t reach the location on time the operator will receive notification from the system as well as the driver will be notified on his mobile app. In this way driver’s behavior can be controlled as the operator will be notified about him being late and penalties can be imposed.
  3. Playback the vehicle track – this feature of FleetManager Web/Mobile gives the operator opportunity to replay the track of the driver in case he was involved in the traffic accident or performed violations such as speeding. In this way travel agency is aware if driver’s behavior is errand and whether certain penalties should be imposed.
  4. Messaging tools – FleetManager improves communication with instant messaging tools between drivers and operators by using Chat feature. With a chat feature operator of the travel agency can easily communicate with a driver and send him all the latest job updates. Chat feature is using the Telegram Messenger service in the FleetManager Web and Push to Talk in FleetManager Mobile. With a Push-to-Talk feature drivers and operators can exchange real-time voice messages.

Customer Benefits

With our FleetManager solution tourism agency could improve its coach driver’s punctuality to 89%. Consequently, customer satisfaction and the quality of transportation services increased by 70%. As a result, travel agency received more inquiries from potential customers due to the excellent feedback of existing customers. Secondly, messaging tools in FleetManager Web/Mobile helped travel agency to increase the efficiency of transportation operations by 60%.

With COOLASIA, our customer has found a partner who understands its business requirements. Both parties work together to ensure that the efficiency of transportation operations would be successfully maximized.