Introduction: The heat is on the Cold Chain industry

COOLASIA is offering a Cold Chain GPS tracking solution for over than 10 years. Gladly, we have a number of satisfied customers using our Fleet Management solution for perishable goods. 

Suppliers of products such as rare seasonal fruits, vegetables, ice cream, wine, pharmaceutical and health supplements must adhere to strict temperature control requirements. It is important for them to ensure customers that products remain suitable for consumption during its supply chain cycle. 

In addition, tracking and optimization of valuable assets to its full capacity play a critical role in cost control and minimization. 

Finally, new government regulatory rules and consumers’ protection acts are extremely important.  Companies involved in cold supply chain processes are required to meet the regulatory requirements to maintain their business licenses.

Benefits that are associated with Cold Chain best practice

To improve the Cold Chain processes, some of its operations are now automated with a Fleet Temperature Monitoring system. The traditional method of determining freezer’s cabin temperature with a dongle is being replaced with a real-time collection.

  1. Real-time temperature monitoring enables driver and office operations controller to receive instant alerts when cold truck’s temperature falls below or above certain pre-set threshold setting. Alerts can be received by SMS, Email or Mobile Notifications. This reduces the chance of food spoilage accidents that can be very costly.
  2. While combining temperature data with other data such as GPS, location, idling time, voltage etc., fleet administrator is able to have a closer control of its fleet. When was the food load into the cold cabin and when it was unloaded? Such data provides essential information needed to ensure seamless provision of cold chain deliveries to desired destinations.
  3. Route Optimization and planning are now simpler with our Cold Chain solution. It increases productivity and utilization of assets and resources.
  4. Fast deployment and installation can be completed in 30 minutes with our professional installation team in COOLASIA workshop.



Our customers were able to cut down as much as 5% of food spoilage costs. With route optimization, business owners can increase assets and dispatch utilization that cuts down overall operations cost as much as 10%. Finally, they boosted customers’ satisfaction due to ability to deliver fresh perishable products on time.