Nowadays GPS software solution has taken up an important role as an asset management tool. Expensive equipment such as mobile cranes, forklifts, heavy duty generators, pumps and others are getting more and more popular.  

GPS software is used to perform planning and scheduling of jobs, track utilization, minimize potential risks due to unauthorized usage and negligence.  In this way it helps companies to cut labor costs, increase safety and efficiency.

Managing assets’ maintenance is another thing worth keeping in mind for all industries.  If a lift or crane is temporarily unavailable due to breakdown or regular preventive maintenance issue, it is important not to fill the gap with just any equipment that is available in a stall. It will result in a disruption of critical project operation dateline.

Thus, incorporating a turnkey preventive maintenance program can ensure that operation has configured available equipment in a right way.


Provide an Extra Set of Eyes

Today’s GPS solution technologies can help companies to manage their assets and maintenance programs. Live data, alerts and supervision of equipment can be performed remotely from any location anytime.

Telemetry tools such as cameras, sensors fixed to lifts or cranes, generators, forklifts, industrial pumps, trucks send alerts to laptops and mobile devices instantly. Alerts may include detection of faults, threshold settings such as temperature, humidity, vibration, noise. Also, they include scheduled maintenance notifications or hazardous driving behavior alerts such as speeding, hard braking or cornering.

Tracking, monitoring and recording events, allows the company to prevent abnormal performance, bad users, drivers, operators.  Also it reinforces good work performance, safety measures and signals the companies about the need of training to achieve maximum returns.


COOLASIA Live Stream Video Camera


Active RFID Tags for Temperature Monitoring

Don’t Save On Maintenance

Safety is not just related to driver’s, operator’s or worker’s behavior. Periodic inspection and maintenance plays a major role in assuring worksite safety and a “Zero Accident” process whether you are manufacturing, construction or logistic company.

Alerts are sent by the system when some serious vibration are caused by pump, engine or motor; swaying of crane, site lift due to overload and misuse. Oil leak can cause someone to slip and fall, sudden malfunction results in downtime, violation of safety regulation rules and decreased productivity.

Therefore, by using live alerts, periodic inspection can be assured. This will assist companies in minimizing the chance of unforeseen disruptions, accidents and will help to achieve better control and more efficient operations.


Maintenance feature in FleetManager Web. This function allows company to see current vehicle maintenance status and create notifications when vehicles are due for service.  

COOLASIA FleetManager

Fleets are every organization’s major asset and yet poor management leads to underutilization of assets and manpower costs. Start using FleetManager now and we show you how to reduce fleet cost.   

COOLASIA FleetManager is a unique web-based software that is designed and developed to improve fleet’s productivity. Use this to monitor your fleet’s real-time locations, playback up to 18 months of trip history, customizable business rules and generate professional fleet reports tailored to your needs.


FleetManager Web and Mobile APP


Packed with more than 70 powerful features and 30 different reporting templates, it is suitable for diverse companies in logistics, construction, transportation, F&B, distribution, waste industries and more.