On 22 July 2016 the finals of annual Supply Chain Challenge (SCC 2016) organized by Singapore Logistics Association and co-sponsored by Spring Singapore took place in SIM University Singapore. One of the two finalist teams called team JAM comprising Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) students Joel Tan, Maryann Se To, Audrey Chan, Jolyn Yeong was the first runner-up.  

In the competition, teams were given real-world problems/case studies from 8 Logistics and Supply Chain Management industry partners which required students to analyze and propose solutions. Joel’s team was working on a solution for the logistics company that needed to optimize their transport network to increase its efficiency and reduce costs.

Exciting news is that Joel is a former COOLASIA’s intern and his team used our FleetManager solution to solve the Supply Chain Management problem and win the competition. Joel applied what he learnt about FleetManager during his assignment in COOLASIA to assist his team to build a solid solution for the competition.

To solve logistics company’s challenges, Joel’s team proposed FleetManager software which has features such as monitoring drivers’ behavior & vehicle progress, tracking vehicle locations and generating reports. Also, additional functions like job dispatch and job optimization. FleetManager was able to solve three key issues faced by the logistics company such as different daily routing of truck, heavy workload of current traffic team and urgent deliveries to be fulfilled on the same day. As a result, they created a model of how to reduce costs, improve workflow & increase efficiency of logistics company transportation network.

Joel’s team success proved that our FleetManager is a great tool for Supply Chain companies that are aiming to reduce their costs and improve efficiency.

Congratulations with your success, Joel, and we hope you will use our FleetManager in practice as well!

Supply Chain Challenge 2016 Final