Coolasia Fleet Manager™ is a web-based “Software-as-a-Service” SAAS software that is User-friendly and Dynamic. Our systems helps enterprises, business owners and fleet managers optimize business operations and manage their local workforce effectively through GPS location technology. Coolasia systems ensure businesses maximize the efficiency of their mobile assets through industry-leading tracking and scheduling applications, allowing both mobile and office-based staff to streamline operations, maximize productivity and minimize fuel and staffing costs.

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Our solutions are dedicated to scaling up every organization’s Fleet Operations through seamless integration of location intelligence, information technology and web services that include:

  • Coolasia Fleet Manager: Provides real-time location and status for all assets on one dashboard, with full fleet and reporting functions.
  • Coolasia Fleet Mobile: Provides real-time location and status for all assets on smartphones for fast and easy access.
  • Coolasia Fleet Router: Provides real-time job dispatching and scheduling for optimized Workforce Management roles.
  • Coolasia Fleet Securitx: Provides real-time location with surveillance capability for high-value trans-shipment.
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Whether small or big organizations make a decision to deploy solutions in Mobile Resource Management, several key consideration consistently make Coolasia the Preferred Solution Provider. While there are many different solutions in the market, Coolasia sets itself apart from its competition by offering organizations technology solutions that are constantly updated, a flexible platform that easily scales according to client’s fleet size without penalty.

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Helmed by a team that possesses decades of extensive experience serving customers in the industry, we possess quite a few advantages over our competitions:

  • Proven Expertise: Whether the company has deployed similar solutions reliably, professionally and tested overtime to its clients.
  • Technology Superiority: Whether the company is using the latest and most suitable software and hardware technology for its clients.
  • Viability Setup: Whether the company’s setup is professional to offer its clients uninterrupted continuous service for  long term.
  • Integration Knowledge: Whether the company possess the experience to integrate new technology to current IT infrastructure for its client
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