Case Study-Logistics-COOLASIA

Customer Challenge

Our customer value added logistics provider is providing its services to Asia’s leading health and beauty retailer currently operating over 4,800 stores and more than 1,400 pharmacies in 11 Asian and European markets including China (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau), Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Turkey and Ukraine.

The main challenge of the beauty giant chain store is to ensure their products reach their stores’ shelves at the right time, place and quantity to meet the consumers demand.

Whether it’s a new product launch, promotional or stock clearance items, thousands of marketing dollars are being spent to support the campaign. Also, daily replenishment of stocks should be ensured in order not to lose the existing customers.  A critical supply chain process with minimum disruptions must be achieved.

Consequently, extra costs will be incurred for the urgent shipments, “Out Of Stock” and late items. This will result in heavy costs and losses in company’s Marketing department budget.

COOLASIA Logistics Solution

While using COOLASIA FleetManager solution logistics provider was able to offer the health and beauty retailer a system helping to handle its daily demand and deliveries on time. Some of the methods installed by the giant chain store are as presented below:

  1. Morning alert system – the driver receives real-time alerts in his FleetManager mobile application in the morning if the vehicle is still not making its way to warehouse their first pickup time in the morning. This method ensures that the driver would avoid being late or at least alerts operations that the driver may be sick or not able to work that day. For example, if it’s 6.30am and the vehicle is still standing at the parking lot, the driver and office operator will receive a notification immediately.
  2. Setting up a delivery period of 45min – the travel time of the driver from collection to delivery point cannot exceed 45min traveling time. This method allows to control the delivery period and to make sure goods reach the delivery point on time.
  3. Delivery time should not exceed 1 hour after reaching a certain delivery point – the driver gets another notification on his FleetManager Mobile app when his actual “in-store” delivery time exceeds 1 hour. This helps to prevent the driver from being late to other delivery points in this way causing the disruption in the whole supply chain.
  4. Loading/Unloading time cannot be more than 45min – when the driver reaches the store his unloading time cannot be more than 45min. Otherwise, operations officer can see that the driver is exceeding the time limit and notification will be sent to the driver’s FleetManager mobile app.
  5. Zoning Alerts – The warehouse supervisor will receive an alert when a truck reaches within 1 Km radius of the warehouse compound. The warehouse supervisor will able to prepare the goods that are supposed to be loaded onto the respective truck.  Instructing warehouse personnel to push the goods to the loading bay area. Cutting the loading and waiting time in the supply chain process.  With this feature the loading time will be shortened by around 10 minutes.  Thus, increase productivity and utilization of resource.

Customer Benefits

After using FleetManager solution, logistics provider was able to satisfy health and beauty giant chain store’s requirements of driver’s punctuality of 89,9%.  Consequently, an increase in productivity and efficiency in the whole supply chain cycle was achieved. Lastly, this resulted in the cost and wastage minimization incurred due to the fact that the supply chain was functioning without disruptions.

With COOLASIA, our customer has found a partner who understands its business requirements. Both parties work together to ensure that the goods are delivered to the right place at the right time.

COOLASIA’s team is able to satisfy different and even most complex customers’ requirements. We win while offering not the lowest price but the unique customized solutions and reports that cannot be replaced by other Fleet Management solution providers.