Challenges of car leasing

Car Rental company was facing a typical challenge – how to retrieve a vehicle when the customer has defaulted in his/her payment. The standard way of dealing with defaulted customers is visiting the address provided to check if vehicle is there. Phone calls are normally not responded by the customer. This is a very unproductive method as it is time-consuming and wasting manpower.
Another challenge faced by Car Rental is renting cars to vocation drivers e.g. Uber. Typically company will charge this group of drivers with additional charges as mileage clock data will be significantly higher. Consequentially, it results in a higher maintenance cost for the company.



  1. With COOLASIA FleetManager system, companies can monitor vehicles’ real-time location. We can also enable GPS tracking across Malaysia if required by the customer.
  2. Company is able to track mileage information and driver’s behavior. This information will alert if the driver is speeding, performing dangerous cornering or using hard break, racing.
  3. Companies also use our maintenance feature to remind them when their vehicles should be sent for servicing or when individual parts are due for replacement such as tyres, filter, air-con, brake pad and etc.



  1. By installing COOLASIA Fleet Management System, Car Rental actually managed to recover a stolen vehicle from the customer that entered Malaysia illegally last year.
  2. Company has a chance to recover cars with defaulted payments as COOLASIA System is able to identify the exact location of the vehicle. Thus, Car Rental is able to save time and money for vehicle recovery team to tow back the vehicle to their yards. Saving them on average 5 days for each recovery process. Thus increasing revenue and yielding of assets utilization of their fleet by 10-20% per year.
  3. With the introduction of popular Car E-Haling Booking applications, Car Rental is able to charge these vocational drivers with a higher rental rate. COOLASIA FleetManager enables them to review daily routes of cars with a high mileage clock. As a result, revenue increased and the probability of the loss decreased.
  4. Car Rental company was able solve its issues and their efficiency has risen by at least 50%. Moreover they profitability increased by imposing higher prices for vocation drivers.